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How do I attach the Gondola fan unit to the Balloon?

Clear scotch tape is the easiest and most common way to attach it to the balloon, You could also use 2 sided tape or Velcro.

How do I charge it?

Plug your Microblimp Gondola in to a Micro USB cord you have lying around the house. We do not supply a micro USB cord because we feel that the planet is polluted with them, Many battery powered and rechargeable gadgets use the Micro USB standard and include a wall adapter - so use the one's you have :) Charging takes around 30 minutes and you can probably fly for about the same depending on how heavy your are on the controls.

How do I inflate the balloon?

Fill it with Helium gas. Most florists and party stores that sell balloons have a tank on hand. You can also buy a home use helium tank from many stores such as Costco or Walmart. Using cellophane, "Scotch" tape, tape the gondola to the middle of the balloon. We marked the center of the balloon with a black circle on the one side. Two pieces of tape will work perfectly.

How do I turn it on?

Download the Microblimp app by Plantraco from the App Store.

Press and HOLD the ON/OFF switch on the Microblimp Gondola for about 4 seconds until you see the green LED glowing on the blimp gondola. If you listen carefully, you will hear some beeps emanating from the motors also. It is now looking for a Bluetooth connection.

The first time you use the Microblimp with your iOS device, you will have to "pair up" and make the bluetooth connection. To do this, launch the Microblimp App, and at the bottom of the screen wipe over to the left and tap on the "Settings" tile. Then tap "SCAN" on the settings screen of the app. You should see "BLIMP - ###" appear on the bottom of the screen. Tap the word "BLIMP - ###" to connect.

Go "Back" to the main screen and tap on the "Twin Joysticks" tile and move the virtual joysticks and notice that the motor/propellers on the Microblimp are being controlled by your input on the iOS device. Voila - control has been established. Play around with the settings on the app - there are many cool features to discover!

How long does the balloon last?

We include a 24" mylar balloon, unlike a typical latex rubber balloon which will leak helium through it's pores, the Metalized Polyester film has much smaller pores and will hold the helium for about a week before a significant amount leaks out. When this happens you can easily top it up through the easy to use one way valve. It's super easy to add a bit extra to top it up every few days.

Is there an Android App available?

Sorry, No. There is only an iOS app at this time.

What are the Magnets for?

The are used for ballast weights. You need to add "ballast weights" to the balloon and achieve "neutral buoyancy". Tape the thin ferrous metal washer to the balloon a few inches behind the gondola. Now you can stick on the supplied magnet ballast weights one at a time until you achieve neutral buoyancy in which the blimp will neither rise nor fall, it will simply hover in place on it's own. This is the magic of this lighter than air craft. If you need to adjust the weights, you can do so fairly easily, you can even use coins - we supply you with several magnets and usually this is enough, but if you are a a low altitude location, you may in fact need more ballast weights than are supplied.

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